Do You Need a B 12 Injection?

B12 is an important vitamin to your health.  It plays a key roll in cellular creation and maintence.  It is also important to the creation of essential enzymes and DNA replication.  Insufficient B12 has the potential to cause irreversible neurological damage and lead to pernicious anemia.  Most people consume enough b12 to maintain their b12 levels.  This is thanks to the fact that b12 is found in meat, fish and dairy products.  It is also added to fortified breads and cereals.

Despite the fact that most people consume more than enough b12, the fact remains that a b12 deficiency is not all that uncommon.  Vegetarians are commonly deficient, since they are obviously not consuming meat or fish.  However, for a b12 deficiency to develop, one would have to have inadequate consumption of b12 for an extended period of time.  Low levels of b12 also occur because people have a medical condition that makes the absorption of b12 difficult.

In the absence of the consumption and absorption of b12, the body relies of its stores of b12, most of which comes from the liver. It is accessed through the enterohepatic cycle.  This is the process where the b12 that is in the liver is transported through bile to the small intestine.

One study conducted in 1994 looked at the B12 levels of vegans.  It was shown that in otherwise healthy people, b12 levels dropped significantly in just five months.  Of the thirteen people studied, all of them experienced a significant drop in b12 levels and two of the subjects dropped below normal levels in this period of time.  This would suggest that the body loses its stores of b12 fairly quickly when no new b12 is being introduced.

This would suggest that for vegetarians and others who are at risk of a b12 deficiency, supplementing with a vitamin b 12 injection may be a good idea.  Since most medical professionals agree that a b12 injection is much more likely to absorb that oral b12, it would seem that taking a regular b12 shot would be a good idea for many people.

PeteDo You Need a B 12 Injection?