Doing Your Own Garage Door Repair

The professionals would lead you to believe that garage door repair is too complicated and dangerous for the average homeowner but that isn’t always the case.  There are many things that any reasonably handy person can maintain and repair without having to pay an expensive repair bill.  Much of the time, the problem with a sticky or squeaking door will be easy to find and fix with just standard household tools and you could save your self a lot of money.  A good example of an easy project is replacing a garage door seal.  Literally within an hour or two, you can have the old seal taken off and the new seal put on and get great protection from all outside elements such as wind, rain, and snow.

A good first step in garage door repair is that when you start having an issue and decide it’s time for a spot of  repair, you should begin by inspecting all the visible parts.  Particularly if the door is sticking then you should check the tracks first.  Sometimes it’s a very simple matter of something getting stuck in the track.  A simple brushing out with a stiff brush will get any debris out of there and get the door moving smoothly again.  If the track is dented or crimped in any spot, you can try using a rubber mallet to pound out the dent.  Another simple garage door repair would be to lubricate the chains, rollers and tracks with WD-40 or powdered graphite.  That will often eliminate that irritating squeak that can happen with time.

Another quick tip is that sometimes depending on how it was installed, garage door insulation can come loose and hang precariously from the back of the door.   I have experienced this in my own garage, and to do a quick fix I just use industrial glue to seal the foam backed insulation material back onto the aluminum door.  You can find this adhesive at most home improvement stores in your local area.

Doing your own garage door repair is not difficult in most cases.  However, there are certain repairs that should be handled by a professional due to being dangerous – like fixing the torsion springs.  To determine how difficult a repair may be, do a search on the internet and read up on what the manufacturer may recommend.  If it does turn out to be too much for you to do yourself, you can also look online for a reputable professional to do the garage door repair for you.

PeteDoing Your Own Garage Door Repair