Don’t Forget The Loft Ladder Hatch

There is one feature of the loft ladder that is going to make the biggest impact on your home on a day to day basis and that is the loft ladder hatch. Ironically this is probably the part of the loft ladder that is given the least amount of consideration yet it is the only part of the loft ladder that is visible when it is not in use.

The loft ladder hatch is the part of the assembly unit upon which the entire operation depends. No matter what type of loft ladder you buy, whether it is an extending loft ladder, a concertina loft ladder or a folding loft ladder, or whether you are installing wooden loft ladders or aluminum loft ladders, they are going to come attached to a loft ladder hatch and that hatch must be properly installed into the ceiling.

Part of the decision making process when looking for a suitable loft ladder will involve deciding on the exterior settings of the hatch. This will include any particular mouldings you would like around the outside of the hatch so that it will blend in with the rest of the room. It should also be made using the same type of materials that have been used to surface the room. For example, if the ceiling has been made with lining boards or a plaster finish you would ideally like the loft ladder hatch to have the same look.

Naturally enough the color of your new loft ladder hatch should also match the rest of the ceiling. This should occur anyway after the loft ladder has been installed because the paintwork will more than likely have to be redone around the new work.

It is possible to buy a loft ladder separately from the hatch but by and large the kind of hatch you buy for your loft ladder is usually specific to the company that manufactures the ladder itself. In the end it will ensure a more simplified installation process by buying the entire kit.

PeteDon’t Forget The Loft Ladder Hatch