Dream of Earning a Living Through Technology Inventions

Every day new technology inventions change lives and society. Inventors are still revered – to almost mythical proportions – by engineering and computer enthusiasts of all ages. Yet many people never stop to think they could earn money, or even a steady income, by innovating a helpful or time-saving device.

All too often the childhood dream of growing up to be an inventor is forgotten during high school, as concerns about getting into the best college preoccupy even the most ingenious students. After earning a degree, nurturing a career may seem to demand most of one’s energy and time. By young adulthood, thoughts of inventing something may seem fantastical, as if such possibilities were truly beyond reach.

But the eager child within every creative person never forgets how to invent things. The ability to stir intuition and ideas around, and achieve highly unexpected and useful results awaits reactivation within even the most practical human head. Because the hominid brain evolved to survive the most rigorous challenges, it also stores an infinite potential for purposeful play.

Intentional play is the best way to begin inventing, instead of scheming how to earn a fortune with a high-tech product. Getting back into the habit holding daily brainstorming sessions, where anything and everything goes, may take insistent persistence, but this practice will bring many benefits. Besides unleashing the inner genius inside each individual, playing on purpose lifts the mood and lowers the blood pressure.

Besides brainstorming, doodling can lead to new technology. Looking at household items as if for the first time is another technique to start oneself thinking along technological lines. With new fields opening up in science and industry every day, even browsing the daily news is likely spark new inventive notions.

Staying at one’s “day job” is probably necessary. But when someone asks an aspiring inventor about career details, answering “I am learning how to invent things” is an inspirational, encouraging answer. Until technology inventions begin flowing, affirming one’s natural inventiveness can only help.

PeteDream of Earning a Living Through Technology Inventions