Easy Things To Make Your Garden Grow Like The Pros

So you have decided to start an indoor garden but have found that you are not getting the types of results that you were looking for. Are your plants not producing like you are wanting them to? Are you thinking that there is some secret method to make your plants grow like the professional gardeners that you see in magazines and on television? If this sounds something like what you are going through then do not start buying all of the gimmicks that you can find that promise garden success until you read this article and make sure that you are doing these simple things that even the pros do to ensure that they have garden success.

The first thing that any experienced indoor gardener will ask you is if you have the proper lighting set up for your garden, and most times the answer is going to be I think so or something of the sort. Well to ensure that you are going to get all star results you need a light source that provides light as close to the sun’s rays as possible. The types of grow lights that I would recommend that you start out with are the LED grow lights. These types of grow lights are great at providing only the type of light that is necessary for your plants to produce photosynthesis. Make sure that when you are using your LED lights that you place them no closer than twelve inches to the top of your plants as this is ideal for canopy penetration.

Now that you have your plants lit properly, it is time to make sure that you are not killing them in other ways such as over watering, overfeeding. In the case of over watering your plants make sure to find out which type of plant that you have and accordingly. If it is plant that requires a lot of water, water every time the top of the soil gets dry, if it is a plant that needs some water this is going to be most plants only water twice a week as too much water will give the plant root rot, and lastly if your plant needs little water such as the case of a succulent then only water when the soil is three fourths dry. As far as the case of over feeding your plant only feed your plant about twice a month: any more than that you run the risk of burning up your plant.

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PeteEasy Things To Make Your Garden Grow Like The Pros