Effective Ways To Increase Your Vertical Jump

If you are an athlete or an aspiring one, you can live up to your athletic capabilities by increasing your vertical jump. The most challenging part of course is finding ways to actually increase your vertical jump especially since I know that so many people regard this ability as inborn and that it is not possible for a person to be a very high jumper unless they are of certain height, age, ethnicity and genetic family. This is not true and I personally know of people of average heights who come from families with no athletic backgrounds and have managed to overcome all odds to train and become high jumpers.

Start by losing the extra pounds

This may seem so obvious but many people overlook the fact that they have to lose the extra pounds especially on their lower bodies in order to improve vertical jump abilities. There are many techniques you can use to achieve this and as long as it is natural and factors in exercise and proper meal plan, it will work for you. Follow this regimen and be sure to make up for the loss of bad fats with good fats you will need to work out.

Get a vertical jump program

You are not a fitness or a health professional for that matter, I am not either and we may not fully understand what happens when you jump. However, there are vertical jump programs developed by professional and approaches the vertical jump process from different angles including athletic, social and medical. Have a look at some program reviews including the vertical jump bible review and you will discover why it is so important to have such a program to be sure that what you are doing to increase your vertical is not in vain.

Power exercises

Since jumping is a power movement, you will need to use power exercises to increase your vertical jump ability. These power exercises are generally referred to as plyometric jump exercises and they are known to be short, explosive and intensive and can deliver effective results in a short time.

Watch your diet

In order to increase your vertical jump, you have to take in foods that balance the energy requirements of the workouts with the nutrients that the body requires to produce more growth hormones – these are what will strengthen and empower the muscles and fibers to twitch faster as well.

PeteEffective Ways To Increase Your Vertical Jump