Employment background screening options for organizations

Employment background screening to all professions and occupations is a growing trend in a highly modern and advanced society. Plenty of organizations seek the expertise of different private agencies to provide them with background information on their applicants.

It has been seen that most organizations focus on four areas of background checks.

Information gathered from previous employers tops the list. This information may be gathered through the references written by an applicant in his resume. Telephone checks were also done as well as confirmation through electronic mail.

Next in consideration based on surveys is the criminal history of an applicant. Perhaps organizations are more on guard these days in ensuring that thefts or accidents won’t happen in the work place. Even when employers have already contacted previous employers, you won’t be certain that those previous employers also conducted criminal history checks.

Another area organizations deliberate on is the professional qualifications of applicants. It has been observed that this is the third most sought after background check in the past years. This includes credentials, licenses, citations and many more. A person with exemplary qualifications is a huge asset to the company. Just when we thought that all it takes are the necessary working experience to land that coveted job position, the two above still appear to be more important for employers in the screening process.

Employers also consider the warning signs associated with the information provided by applicants in their résumés. They are very keen in observing and ascertaining that all the data provided in the résumés do not have discrepancies against an applicant’s answers during the interview. Conflicts between the interview and résumé should be avoided. But where there are discrepancies for example, this may be a determining factor in pushing for a more detailed and more comprehensive background check.

PeteEmployment background screening options for organizations