Enhance Your Black Titanium Wedding Bands with Diamonds

A Wedding band in titanium will always go well with diamonds, especially when the wedding band is finished off in a dull matte finish. This is a great complement to bright shiny diamond melee. The only thing is the diamonds have to be whiter than an I color otherwise the whiteness of titanium begins to show up even the slightest champagne tinge of I colored diamonds. All shapes of diamonds go well with titanium but definitely the more scintillating round brilliant and princess squares are the best compliments to this metal.

In the 8mm black titanium wedding band they are usually set in a channel or flush mounted rather than set in prongs. Titanium is a fairly hard and not so malleable metal so prongs are hardly ever used in this metal to set gemstones. If one of the prongs break, it is quite a task to get it fixed since titanium has such a high melting temperature that fashioning a new prong as would be done in gold would not be cost effective. You would have to discard the entire ring or simply burr off all the particular prongs concerned.

What’s nice about titanium is that even though it is lightweight it is exceptionally rigid and hard. It is much less likely for someone to lose their channel set diamonds from a titanium setting than it would be to lose them from a gold or silver setting. True, there is perhaps more breakage of diamonds (if they are highly included) during the channel setting process in titanium but this will not happen with higher quality diamonds with inclusions that compromise the internal strength of the diamond.

This is why most titanium ring manufacturers refuse to use any kind of diamond with small internal fractures which are called feathers in diamond speak. You would be hard pressed to find a titanium diamond ring with these kind of diamonds. Black titanium wedding bands have the same strength as the bands made from regular titanium because it is just a surface treatment of the metal.

PeteEnhance Your Black Titanium Wedding Bands with Diamonds