Essential Oils Which Help Fight Acne

Aside from medicated gels and creams, there are cheaper alternatives to acne treatment. Acne blemish treatment is not limited; there are also home remedies or natural remedies which do not contain any harsh ingredients or chemicals. How to get rid of acne scars is another question which should be answered after getting rid of acne itself. You do not have to spend a lot on acne treatment. There are essential oils which are worth very little which you can buy at your local stores. These essential oils have been proven to fight against acne and help make skin clearer. However, before choosing any essential oil, consider your kin type first and ask how they should be used properly.

Tea Tree Oil. Almost everyone recognizes this oil. This is very popular and it is often found in many skin care products. This is an excellent antibacterial ingredient and this is also used as a wound cleaner. This will soothe irritations burns and even aid in controlling dandruff. This oil is indeed a God given gift to people. Tea tree oil clears acne fast and it also calms the area which is affected by acne.

Clove Oil. This is a potent ingredient with burning and purifying properties. This is very irritating in its pure form and that is why it is often mixed with or blended with other oils. This can be used as a spot treatment for acne and when diluted it can be applied on the skin to treat existing acne.

Lavender Oil. This is another essential oil which is well recognized by many people. This has soothing and antibacterial properties and it minimizes redness and breakouts. This should be diluted before use because this is very potent.

Rosewood Oil. This is a highly aromatic oil which is also helpful when fighting acne. This is suitable for people who have very oily skin. This will reduce the production of oil and limit acne on the skin.

PeteEssential Oils Which Help Fight Acne