Exfoliating for Men

If you mention exfoliating to most men you’ll get one of two reactions. Either they’ll say it’s something that women do or simply what the heck is exfoliating. In simple terms exfoliating is like pruning a cedar hedge, you need to clear out the dead, waste debris from time to time so that the new shoots will have room to grow. It keps the whole system healthier. Same thing for your face, you need to clean out the old dead skin and debris once and a while in order to keep it looking young. This article won’t focus on the plethora of exfoliating products that are available. This is simply a primer to encourage you to consider doing it if you don’t already.

Now if you’re on a bit of a budget you won’t want to be spending your money on top end cream, what you can do use simply use pumice soap. This stuff has little granules in it that will get the job but is especially designed to keep your face looking its best. It uses a method called micro-derm abrasion which simply means sand blasting your face (but with very tiny crystals). If you do have some money to spend and are interested in building up a nice collection of the best anti aging products then you’ll want to invest in a top end gel. The one I like is Biotherm Homme. It gets the job done and done well. Touching your skin after using this stuff will feel amazing and your better half will appreciate the effort.

One of the weird things about men exfoliating is that it will actually benefit them more than the ladies as they have thicker skin so the effect will be more evident. Lastly, doing this once a week will also cut down on in-grown hairs so if that’s an issue for you then you have another reason to consider exfoliating once a week or so. If you are a little shy about ordering these type of products then just head over to your favorite website (like Amazon) and buy it there. You’ll probably see other products than the one you are considering at a better price. Try a few until you find the one you like.

PeteExfoliating for Men