Express Yourself With Marker Boards

A marker board is one more form of the presentation board on which you write the actual contents of what you want to portray to your audience as you speak in front of them or as you discuss some topics. These are mainly applied in classrooms and in offices during meetings.

In contrast to white boards which are more common, black marker boards are also accessible in department stores. These combine a smooth-writing dry erase surface with contrasting dark backgrounds that make white and neon-colored markings noticeable. Their dry surfaces also won’t leave behind dust and air pollutants that may be seen on chalkboards.

A white board marker is basically the writing material applied on white boards. A white board is also known as a wipe board, marker board, dry-erase board, dry-wipe board or a pen board. This term refers to any glossy surface most commonly colored white where non-permanent markings are usually made. White boards operate similar to chalkboards because they allow markings to be temporarily written on them like the latter.

Materials applied on the surfaces of a dry erase marker board come in different forms such as steel or aluminum, glass or magnetic glass, and hardcoat laminate.            Painted steel or aluminum surfaces consist of paint sprayed on a steel or aluminum surface. These types basically last longer. These surfaces are also smoother making it easier to markings written on them. Nonetheless, paint is porous and may eventually cause staining over time.

Glass or magnetic glass surfaces are usually utilized with dry erase or permanent markers and these don’t retain any ghosted inks on them.

Hardcoat laminate surfaces are much less porous and are extremely resistant to staining. These types of surfaces are, nevertheless, less popular compared to other white board surfaces. These normally have a lifetime surface warranty against surface area staining since they usually do not absorb inks of permanent and dry erase markers.

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PeteExpress Yourself With Marker Boards