Factors Affecting Compound Bow Accuracy

The most popular type of bow for archers today is the compound bow for a number of reasons. It is easier to draw due to the fact that the cam system of pulleys and cables give you what is known as let-off. The compound bow is also equipped with sights and other gadgets which help balance the bow and reduce vibration. It is a bow that has become very popular with hunters and the power and precision that has become capable has increased dramatically.

When buying a compound bow it should be understood that it will result in the requirement for a series of bow accessories, particularly if good shooting form and accuracy is going to be a priority. Due to the great power that is unleashed when shooting today’s compound bows there is a resultant trade-off with vibration and hand-shock. The energy has to go somewhere when the string is released and although a lot is imparted onto the bow, the rest moves onto the hand holding the bow.

For this reason there are accessories such as bow stabilizers and dampeners that help to balance the bow and reduce the vibration felt in the hand. String silencers are added to the strings to help reduce the noise it creates when fired.

Owning a compound bow involves constantly adjusting and tuning in order to get the best out of the set up. When a bow is fired the way it is tuned is subtly altered due to the shock and the vibration that passes through the bow. Reducing this vibration will keep the bow shooting accurately for longer and the bow will remain balanced resulting in a more comfortable draw.

There are many factors that go into shooting a compound bow accurately but the factor that gives you the best results is practice. The more often you use you bow and fire practice arrows, the better you will become and the more consistent your shots will remain.

PeteFactors Affecting Compound Bow Accuracy