Favorite Kids Bedding for Boys

Thank goodness designers and manufacturers have begun to create a larger variety of kids bedding.  When some of us were children and Peter Pan was all the rage, getting a sheet or pillow case with Tinkerbelle on it was a rare treat and treasured until it was thread bare.  Today all that has changed and our children can have as much difficulty deciding on the bedding for their rooms as most adults.

SpongeBob SquarePants bedding has really taken advantage of the cartoon character and all his adventures.  While most adults — with children — can recognize the big yellow sponge with pants, it would be a bit frightening for us if we could only use a bright blue and a brighter yellow to decorate our kids’ bedrooms.  Of course, parents can relax a little once they begin to check out the huge variety in patterns, colors and motifs that Bob has brought to life.

One of the easiest designs to decorate the little boy’s bedroom with is the Pajama Party comforter and sheet set.  There are enough variations in the shades of blue that almost any mom can find a shade she can live with, and let her son live with.  When looking for an accent color to go with the bedroom decor, the choices include  pink, a flesh tone, several shades of green, lavender and of course, various shades of yellow.  Just imagine how many different looks a mom can create from the comforter alone by combining solid color sheets and pillow cases.

Did I mention the Sea Adventure bedding set?  The colors are as varied as with the previously mentioned set, only the characters have changed.  With so many ways to use SpongeBob and his friends for decorating, there is an ensemble or a single comforter that any mom can work with and with which any little boy will fall in love.  It’s no wonder the kids love this cartoon character’s bedding selections — almost as much as mom!

PeteFavorite Kids Bedding for Boys