Faxing Online Options, A Step Forward in Faxing Technology

The World-Wide-Web has shrunk the globe, bringing people in instant communication with each other. The Internet is the bane of governments that want to control information received by their populace. With little technology, people in the most remote areas of the world have access to an explosion of information in every language from every country. With a webcam, an internet user in China can see and talk to a relative in the U.S., or tune into a radio broadcast from Europe. The Internet is on 24 hours daily using social networking sites to connect people instantly regardless of where they live or the time of day.

Faxing is a great invention-enabling the immediate transmission of documents requiring signatures or the uploading of documents to an online file, all at the same speed as a phone call. However, marrying the convenience of Internet and fax did not seem to come easily or naturally. The technology was there–computer modems can dial-up cell phone numbers and communicate using phone lines too. One drawback of faxing was the cost–most services charge one or two dollars per page plus long-distance charges. Sending a long document could get pricey, and sending lots of faxes a considerable expense. Owning your own fax machine entails additional outlays and upkeep, not desirable if your fax volume is not high enough.

If the cost of sending faxes is a concern to you, then you should investigate free online faxing services. You need no additional hook-ups, no additional software or hardware and the cost is zero. The process usually involves just filling out the fax request form online, providing the fax number the message should be sent to, composing your message and also providing the service with your email address for acknowledgement and record-keeping.

If you need to upload an attachment to your message, that is quite do-able for the best email fax service options. Some simple services just let you fax a message; others let you upload a document you need signed or want included in a paper file. The services provided for free vary among providers but a little research should locate one with the services you need.

The abilities of the services vary–some can send the message like a fax to any fax machine, or to a special online email account some services provide to their clients. Other services may not provide free faxing globally–the free service may be limited to a few countries or just areas of the sender’s country of residence. Great options out there are MyFax, Ringcentral or eFax just to name a few.

PeteFaxing Online Options, A Step Forward in Faxing Technology