Features of a Basketball Hoop

The In-ground basketball hoop by Reebok features 48 inches shatter guard fusion backboard with an unbreakable rim and an all weather nylon net. The 3-piece 3.5 inches round steel pole with powder coated rust resistant finish protects the basketball system against all elements.

The height adjustment mechanism adjusts basketball hoop from 7 feet to 10 feet. This adjustment is possible by simply squeezing the handle where the counter-balance springs assist in raising or lowering the hoop height. This facility enables players of all age groups to participate in the game as the hoop could be adjusted according to an individual’s height.

The wall mounted hoop offers infinite adjustability for customers who have no space for a pole mounted basketball system. These equipments are versatile enough to be mounted on any roof pitch or vertical wall surface and can be adjusted between 6 feet to10 feet height. The backboards are of acrylic make with flexible break away basketball rim.

This sport equipment has an extension distance from wall to front of basketball backboard. They are easy to read rim height indicator displays the exact height of the basketball system. The total weight of such type of hoop is around 248 pounds.

Institutional basketball hoop is a versatile type of hoop that is durable, rigid and portable. It harmonizes wonderfully with the adjustable basketball hoop with a 60 inches backboard. This basketball hoop is an entirely flexible basketball system, catering to the tough advanced adult teams but can also be used by the younger stars as it is adjustable where the height of the hoop can be brought down to 6.5 feet.

Being portable, the basketball goal is very easy to transport. Anyone who is a basket ball addict can flip it into rolling position without tools engaging the roller wheels and push it to the location one is desirous of setting up the basket ball hoop. This all weather unit is intended for indoor as well as outdoor use.

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PeteFeatures of a Basketball Hoop