Feeling Down? Do Something To Get Happy

Don’t let your happiness be some chance thing that happens when some mystical magic entity decides to bestow it upon you. You are the only entity with power over the way you feel.

It’s the thoughts running through your head that determine how you feel. It’s the beliefs you hold about yourself and the world that give the words to your inner voice. Words that your inner voice will repeat to you over and over again – if you let it.

Change what you inner voice tells you and learn how to be happy. Abandon the beliefs that hold you back from feeling your own happiness and replace them with positive beliefs about who you are and what you can achieve.

At any given moment that you’re feeling down or unhappy, interrupt the flow of negative thoughts that paint you as the victim and find a way to do something positive. It doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking, it could just be taking five minutes out to listen to some inspiring music, orĀ  reading a few pages of the novel you’re currently enjoying.

Make sure that when you’ve finished, you take a little time to appreciate what you’ve just done and feel the benefit. Tell yourself why it felt good, why you enjoyed it, how much you’re looking forward to doing it again.

Fresh in the knowledge that you’ve just done something positive for yourself, do something positive for someone else and see how that enhances the feeling even more. Again it doesn’t have to be a huge endeavor just a thoughtful or useful act. Then tell yourself you did a good thing!

Give less ‘air time’ to the negative self talk and make sure the happy voice gets to feature more and more. You can be happy, you just have to decide you want to be happy and then do something to make it happen.

PeteFeeling Down? Do Something To Get Happy