Financing for Plastic Surgery

The first thing that many people want to know about plastic surgery is how much it will cost. While there is no quick or easy answer it is common knowledge that many of the procedures can be quite costly. Most surgeries are in the thousands and many people cannot afford face lift or liposuction prices without some assistance. This is especially true of younger women who have yet to establish themselves financially since this group makes up the bulk of plastic surgery patients.

The good news for many is that there is such a thing as financing for plastic surgery. This makes it possible for a lot more people to afford their procedures. Many of the treatments are considered elective and therefore would not be covered by their health insurance plan. But just as a prospective patient would have to search and shop for a good plastic surgeon, not all financing are the same and a great deal of research and shopping is required to avoid overpaying.

Many people might be surprised to learn that their clinic would carry the financing in house and extend a line of credit to almost anybody. To make up for this, the interest rates on payment plans with a clinic are often absurdly high. It is important that anyone with somewhat decent credit attempt to find alternative options so they get the best rates possible. In fact, it is perfectly fine to ask the plastic surgeon during your consultation session about payment options and if they have recommendations for financing companies.

Surgeons often have local companies that they refer their patients to. There are also larger companies that make it their business to lend specifically to plastic surgery patients. It may be worth your while to sit down with one of the representatives. These guys can work out a payment plan for just about any budget. The goal is to get as many people through the door of the surgery room as possible so everyone can get the procedure they want and the surgeon can get paid.

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