Finding The Best Camp Chairs For You

Portable, lightweight chairs have come a long way from the days when folding aluminum chairs with woven webbing seats were the standard option. When first introduced, the price of camp chairs was prohibitive, but as their popularity increased, their cost became comparable with that of the older folding chairs. New chairs do not fold in half, forming an oblong, ungainly rectangle, but rather collapse upward and inward to fit into a tubular carrying bag that is typically included. Their range of styles runs the gamut from no-frills armless seating, the smallest and easily carried, to over-sized luxury camping chairs with doubled heavy-duty fabric and light padding to offer the most comfort.

Choosing the ideal lightweight camp chairs begins with assessing your needs and prioritizing the three main elements of camping chairs: weight, comfort, and cost. Frequent campers will want rugged chairs built to withstand use, and decide which is more important to fit individual camping styles: campers who trek to their sites will tend to prefer light weight, whereas outdoor enthusiasts who pick sites within convenient distance of parking might well choose a heavier model that offers the most comfort. Sports fans who plan on hauling their camping chairs to a variety of events should definitely choose camping chairs that make long periods of sitting endurable. College students and others decorating empty living spaces on a budget can make use of the least expensive, heaviest chairs for a compromise of comfort and price.

As the popularity of camping chairs has increased, so has the range of options that are available. Cupholders set into the armrests have long been a choice on some models, but now insulated cupholders are beginning to replace the mesh ones. Many chairs have one or more zippered pockets to tuck away reading material, sunglasses, and anything else you want close at hand. Some chairs have attached footrests that unfold with the rest of the chair. Others, toward the top of the line, are recliners. The options and versatility of camping chairs mean that, with a bit of shopping around, you are sure to find one that fits precisely your needs.

PeteFinding The Best Camp Chairs For You