Finding The Best Cat Litter Box For You

We love our kitties. Cats are surpassing dogs in becoming the most popular pets in the home and given the opportunity, they are among the cleanest animals we know. Even as a tiny kitten, it is a natural instinct for cats to use a litter box and confine their eliminations to one specific area. Those of us who love cats continue to search for the best cat litter box to use and the choices are numerous. Topping the list for the luxurious cat are the boxes that claim to self clean because it is important to maintain cleanliness and avoid a stop at the veterinarians Portland Oregon.

The first of the automatic cat litter boxes works by raking the litter clean after the cat leaves the box and the other “washes” the litter clean. The cat box that uses the rake system requires hard clumping litter and rakes the waste into a receptacle at the end of the box. It uses disposable waste receptacles and runs on direct current and has several batteries that act as a back-up should the power fail. The second automatic box actually hooks up to a water system and the waste is pumped out through the septic system. This box requires specific pellets that are washable and is considerably more effort to connect up initially. If you should elect to use this washable system, you should be certain of where you want the cat box to be located since changing the location would take considerable effort.

Though these automatic systems are great, most of us choose a plain plastic pan for use as our cat litter box system. These pans are both economical and effective. They come in a variety of colours and can be left open or enclosed with a lid for extra privacy. When using these plain litter pans you can use any of the types of cat litter from the clumping to the clay or the natural pine pellets. If you have more than one cat or your cat requires lots of extra room, opt for the jumbo cat litter box.

Whatever you choose to use for your cat, be it one of the automatic types or the plain plastic pan, remember that keeping the litter clean and dry will go a long way toward keeping your cat clean, healthy and happy.

PeteFinding The Best Cat Litter Box For You