Fleece Fabric and its Disadvantages

There are many types of fabric available and one of them is the fleece fabric. This fabric was created to surpass wool while mimicking the qualities of wool. Fleece fabric by the yard allows one to purchase the fabric in equal quantities. The price too will be proportional to the length of fabric ordered for or purchased. The companies or retailers selling this fabric do have discount offers occasionally on fleece fabric by the yard. The quantity that you require the fabric for depends on the type of clothing that you want to make or the purpose the fabric is intended for. This kind of fabric can make clothing like sweaters, sweat pants, jackets, gym cloths, hats, blanket, and out-door clothing used for high performance.

Fleece fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles making the fabric light, soft, and easy to wash. The fabric comes in different thickness and the thicker it is the least flexible is the fabric. The hydrophobic nature of the material makes it a suitable fabric for clothing worn during strenuous activities as it will allow sweat to pass through easily. The fabric is machine washable and dries quickly. Recycled fleece can create a new fabric of the same.

Every product usually has a negative side even though the negative part does not always surpass the positives. Some of the disadvantages of the fabric include the fabric is highly flammable hence the need to treat it with flame retardant. Fleece made from non-renewable petroleum derivates cannot be recycled making it harmful to the environment. Regular fleece does not absorb moisture and is windproof. Lastly, fleece easily succumbs to damage when exposed to high temperature while washing or when ironed. All these make the fabric quite a sensitive one to care for as well as a bit more difficult.

PeteFleece Fabric and its Disadvantages