Fun with Different Vsmile Games

Vsmile games are educational and recreational products by Vtech (Video Technology Ltd.) the world’s leading supplier of corded and cordless phones and manufacturer of the top electronic learning products.  These games are in the form of a ROM cartridge or – a removal cartridge that contains read only flash memory devices – known in Vtech language to be a “smartridge”. A typical smartridge acts as a tape for the Vtech learning system (Vtech’s version of video game console) and different smartridges would mean a different variety of video games.  The Vtech company is a Hong Kong based industry that has been operating since 1976 – known for its products such as computer hardware, computer software, educational toys, cordless headphones, and other products of consumer electronics.

A typical vsmile learning system package comprises of the following items: up to 2 Vsmile controllers for dual platform games, optional keyboard or mouse for a PC like gaming experience, optional graphics tablet that allows players to electronically draw images with pencil and paper, optional dance pad, and a set of vsmile games.  The games, known as smartridges, vary in different themes and functions, and considered by gaming experts and gurus to be highly interactive and educational.  Some of the famous smartridges available are the following: Spiderman, Little Red Riding Hood, Wall E, The Lion King, Aladdin’s Wonder of the World, The Little Mermaid, Dora the Explorer and many more.  Each game is simply related and deeply associated with the nature of the character – for example a Batman smartridge would entail saving the Gothan city from criminals and bad people and the like.  Although the vsmile learning system may appear like any other gaming consoles they are proven to improve language development and phonics, word building, basic math skills, cognitive development and a whole lot more.

The Vtech Vsmile games are essential to work hand in hand with the Vsmile learning system and Vtech offers a wide array of games in their own library of electronic learning games.  It is considered to be a form of active learning in the structure of a video game console – its variant VMotion includes motion sensitive controllers.  At the present different types and forms of video game consoles and pocket game consoles are widely mushrooming in the market today and this trend is probably because Vtech first introduce the basic platform way back years and years ago.  Now, significant cost cuttings are made for Vtech products because there seems to be too many variants of gaming consoles available.  However, the vsmile learning system is sometimes considered to be the frontrunner of them all and although there has been a decreasing manufacturing record for such product, it will still remain to be one of the best loved educational toy ever designed by Vtech.

PeteFun with Different Vsmile Games