Funny Quotes about Life for the Artist in You

Life is my magnum opus, my masterpiece! I am the artist of my own life. I paint my world in vibrant colors, and sprinkle happiness in my dark sanctuary. It is my only avenue for expressions! For me life is more than just a ball of soft wax. Unlike the paperback novels that I read, life’s readers are its own author. The more I leaf through the pages the more stories I tell. So long as the pages are not turned, the pages will remain stark white and blank. There are stories full of sadness, joy, tragedy and stories which are simply funny just like these funny quotes about life.
“Life is full of disappointments, and I’m full of life!”
I used to weave morbid thoughts when I am consumed by melancholy. There are times when I define life as a huge sanctuary of pain. Now, I look at things in different perspectives. Life may be full of disappointments but my hopes are still high.

“Someone once said to Voltaire, “Life is hard.” Voltaire replied, “Compared to what?”
One just can’t give up without trying. I pondered on this quote since it may seem to be just one of those funny quotable quotes but if you analyze it, it does make sense. Our hardships in life serve as our ticket to the road of success.

“We are born naked, wet, and hungry. Then things get worse.”
We express our discontentment in many ways. Some of us aim for a better job, better family and better life. We are never contented with what we currently have that we go to a certain extent just to satisfy our selves with material things. Being rich does not make us any happier though. We may get what we want but we may not be getting what we need and that is true happiness.

“Eat right, exercise daily, live clean, die anyway.”
I sure am guilty of this. I don’t believe in limiting myself to what they think is right for me and my body.  I used to smoke like a chimney and drink like a fish. I did not know what a healthy lifestyle was. I guess, it sure does make a big difference when you live a healthy life. As they say, better safe than sorry. You only live once so why waste your life away. There’s every day as if it’s going to be your last.

One’s perception about life need not be profound. It does not require any theories or paradigms to better understand what life really is. The mere fact that you’re alive means that you understand what it means to be living. These funny quotes about life are simple. No fancy words, no pretentions and that’s what life should be!!!

PeteFunny Quotes about Life for the Artist in You