Get The Latest Purple Rug

There are always a few key pieces whether you are talking clothes or interiors which will update your look like nothing else each season. In interior design it is often a color which catches the mood of the moment or it may be a texture.

No one is really sure why the interior design editors in the big design magazines and in the Home section of newspapers all start talking about a particular type of item all at once. Maybe something catches their eye in the latest collections and they all love it, but every season a few things will emerge and be the “latest thing”.

If you are looking for a new floor rug you are bound to have come across at least one or two in purple because the purple rug is the piece of the moment. So much so that you can be forgiven for thinking that your floor is so out of style if it does not sport one of these.

But you always need to think about the room where you are placing your new purchase. A purple rug is not for everyone of course. If your room is decorated in natural colors then you are far better with a beige or brown rug and if you are thinking about your small daughter’s bedroom she may very well be happier with a pink and white shag rug than a bright purple one.

Purple looks at its best with a white or gray color scheme and suits a contemporary look rather than a classic one. A purple rug comes in a number of different forms any of which might be suitable for your modern interior. A round rug in purple wool would look good as a center piece in a square living room. A runner with a purple abstract pattern would look good in a contemporary hall. If you take a look around you online will find the perfect rug for your room before very long.

PeteGet The Latest Purple Rug