Gibson Flatters Us With The SG Classic

Many guitar shapes come and go with the trends of the masses, but not the Gibson SG. This famous style of guitar has been around since 1961 and is still a guitarist’ favorite to this day. Enter the Gibson SG classic. This is a reissue of sorts of the “special” model of old. The SG classic is a refit model of the special from the 60s. All the original styling as well as some new additions come complete on this classic guitar.

If you love solid body mahogany guitars, then you will most certainly love the Gibson SG classic. It’s a one piece slab of solid, premium mahogany that delivers a blast of midrange crunch that the SG is famous for. The finishes are heritage cherry or Classic Ebony and the beautiful grain of the mahogany shines through nicely.

If it’s the crunchy treble soaked sound of the P90 pickup you love, then this is definitely a good model for you. Gibson has gone back to the soapbar style that was chosen by some guitarists such as Pete Townsend back in the 1960s. The P90 has a little more range and is much more refined than a lot of the other single coil pickups of that era.

Gibson equips the SG classic with a solid mahogany neck that has 22 frets and beautiful white binding. The neck profile is a modern tapered style that is a mix of Gibson’s flat, fast style neck and their thick and chunky profile. It’s nice and quick but also feels great for those with a little bigger hands. The improved style of the trussrod makes this neck extra strong and leaves some room for adjustment as well. The inlays are simple dot style made of mother-of-pearl.

The SG classic is one of Gibson’s guitar instruments that is still affordable but is among their top quality, USA made guitars. You will be extremely happy with this model, I know I am.

PeteGibson Flatters Us With The SG Classic