Globe Outdoor Lights For Everywhere Around Your Home

When the discussion is outdoor lighting, globe patio lights are definitely one of the top ways to beautify and brighten the outside of your home.  It makes sense.  Their colors range from iridescent jewel tones to prism-casting hues, and because of their shape (roundish), the light isn’t limited.  It gets to glow in all different directions.

In the world of string lights, outdoor globe string lights are considered high-end.  This type of light is more complex than many strings, with a small light bulb on the inside, and a colored globe on the outside of each luminary.  These lights are favorites of people who own campers.  They also add an unusual glow of colorful light to a yard or gazebo.  When draped from trees, they seem like colorful little stars hanging close to Earth.  Or, for a look that will have you wondering whether you have slipped into fantasy, hang the lights over a swimming pool and let the colors reflect through the water.

But don’t stop with the outside of your home.  Sure, they’re called patio lights, but that’s just the beginning…

Inside your home, globe lights can cast colorful swatches on your walls and ceiling, for a relaxing and mood-lifting atmosphere.

Globe patio lights are usually made of glass, so they need to be treated with a bit of care.  There are some which are made of plexi-glass.  These are less worrisome because they aren’t as fragile.  If you are into high-end decorations, there are also hand-blown glass lights.

How do you want your lights to be powered?  You have a choice.  There are traditional plug-in, electric lights, or you can get globe lights that take batteries.  You can even get solar-powered globes.

Globe lights typically run a little higher, price-wise, than “regular” string lights, but they give exceptionally beautiful lighting.  And they aren’t that much more than ordinary string lights.  If you purchase them during sales, like the ones which happen after Christmas, you can often get them for very low prices.  You are likely to find, after you’ve tried one string, that your home needs several more.

Written by Chloe from Tiki Torches, the must have lighting accessory for that outdoor party feel.

PeteGlobe Outdoor Lights For Everywhere Around Your Home