Grado Labs RS2 Headphones: Money Well Spent

If you’re looking for a new pair of headphones, undoubtedly the name Grado Labs will come up in your search time and time again. Why is that? Because Grado Labs are just that awesome. Highly regarded by nearly everyone in the music and audiophile fields, one would be hard pressed to find someone speaking badly about the headphones from Grado Labs. The only real criticism about their headphones is the price. They are not cheap at all. Take for example the Grado Labs RS2 Headphones. At a retail price of 495 dollars, they represent a healthy chunk of change. Are they worth it? Let’s take a look.

Grado Labs has been making top notch headphones for music lovers for the past 50 years or so. They were founded in Brooklyn, New York by Joseph Grado, where they still make their home, although most of the engineering has been taken over by Joseph’s nephew John Grado. Originally they left most of their advertising to word of mouth, and although it may have taken some time, they have built their company and reputation up so they are positioned as one of the leading headphone companies in the world.

The Grado Labs RS2 Headphones, like all Grado’s headphones, employ an open-air design with a vented diaphragm and dynamic transducers. The RS2 is part of Grado’s Reference Series. Looking far better than most of Grado’s other headphones, the RS2 utilize hand crafted mahogany earpieces for their non-resonant air chamber. The combination of black and mahogany look quite stunning while producing tones that are quite unique due to the use of the wood. With Grado’s standard 32 ohm impedance, a sensitivity level of 98 dbs, 40 mm drivers, they are no slouches when it comes to the audio department.

But how do they sound? Luckily, one will not be disappointed after shelling out their 495 dollars. The Grado Labs RS2 headphones sound surprisingly like their bigger brothers, the RS1. Warm vocals, very smooth upper end and full bodied bass, the RS2 are great for listening to all kinds of music. The 1/8 inch mini plug allows you to listen to everything on your iPod or MP3 player, yet enjoy the wonderful sound that you would get at home.

Although expensive, the Grado Labs RS2 Headphones represent a 200 dollar savings from their big brother, the RS1. One need not worry – if you love music, it will be money well spent.

PeteGrado Labs RS2 Headphones: Money Well Spent