Great Menu Cover Designs Help A Restaurant’s First Impression

Each time you visit a new restaurant you experience a little nervousness and anxiety.  It is the fear of the unknown.  You are unsure what to expect.  Will it taste good?  Will it be clean and look nice?  So many questions filter through your mind.  Theses are the same feelings associated with all kinds of unknowns you may face.  Like starting a new job or school.

Just like the first impression on a job when going to a restaurant for the fist time the impression they give matters too.  The menus is one of the earliest indications you get as to whether you are going to like the food.  A cheap paper menu or laminated one does not leave the diner with a positive feeling.  You need to see a menu cover design that matches the ambiance of this place.

There are lots of ways to use the menu to convey the commitment to quality the restaurant has made toward its customers.  Menus need to be of heavy paper in an attractive cover.  The design on the cover needs to represent the type of food that they serve.  In order to accomplish the best representation there are professionals who will help design your entire menu.  How the cover looks, the layout of the inside, nothing will be left to chance.

If the restaurant caters to a casual atmosphere with kids and all then the old time plastic coated giant menu with a cute picture may be just the thing.  But if you are trying to promote a romantic environment you are going to need something that is more decadent.  Like a leather embossed cover with heavy vellum paper tied off with a silk ribbon.  If you cater to business lunches then a sleek leather cover with an accented binder and heavy paper inside.

The type of menu, clientele or theme will guide the owner through the menu cover design.  A vegetarian restaurant may have a zen type design, while a four star place would want something that exudes class.  Can you imagine being in a sushi bar and being handed a menu with a picture of a family on it?  This is how important the cover is.  This is not the place to confuse your customer with conflicting information.

While the true test of a new place is still the food and service it is important that the menu convey the overall image of they are trying for.  So do not scrimp.  This is an important aspect that says a lot about the value the place puts on creating the total look, feel and taste.

PeteGreat Menu Cover Designs Help A Restaurant’s First Impression