Grocery Shopping With Coupons

You have probably noticed lately how supermarkets everywhere are raising their prices. Even though the size of many products seem to be shrinking, their prices continue to grow. This is both stressful and discouraging because, although food prices have increased, our salaries remain the same. Now more than ever it is necessary for shoppers to get smart about spending and saving. Although many grocery stores feature weekly specials that will help you save, the best way to reduce your grocery bill is by being proactive and using coupons.

You might not think grocery coupons are worth the trouble since the value of most coupons is less than a dollar. However, fifty, sixty-five, and seventy-five cents can really add up week after week. Consider this: if you were to save $3 with coupons every week at the store, you will have a total savings of approximately $156 by the end of the year. That’s equal to another couple of weeks of groceries or a few dinners out.

A good place to look for coupons is in your Sunday paper. The couple of dollars you spend on the paper are well worth all the savings you will find inside. Leaf through the insert to locate coupons for products you use. Spend a few minutes every week clipping them out. Write your shopping list on the back of an envelope, gather the coupons you can use, and stick them inside the envelope. This way everything will be together when you make your trip to the store.

Another excellent resource for grocery coupons is the Internet. You may be surprised to know that there are dozens and dozens of websites dedicated solely to saving on groceries. Best of all, online coupons are completely free. Find one that is easy to use and become a member. You can search for coupons by category or brand. Click on the ones you need and print them out. Grocery shopping with coupons is just that easy.

PeteGrocery Shopping With Coupons