Gucci Mane 2008 Music

Did you know that Gucci Mane 2008 music was mostly overlooked in the genre of hip hop? Even though he came out with a lot of hit songs that particular year, most people did not know that they could have access to his great mixtapes. Due to the fact that he came out with over five full mixtapes of original material in that year, he was able to build up a very big street buzz. With that said, there were a lot of people that did not even have an idea that his tapes existed. Before this year, the hip hop scene did not have any artist even remotely close to the style of Gucci Mane.

Prior to the year 2008, the Gucci Mane Icy song that came out was his only popular hit that was released. It took over five years until people started to majorly support what he had brought to the industry in 2010. The fans of his work nowadays did not realize that he had such a potential to mature and blend sounds of street poetry with classic production from some of the most elite producers. Some have compared his work to other artists like Jay-Z, but most people that support him do so because he does not copy anyone else.

Gucci Mane is the type of artist to come up with a brand new song based on what he is both thinking and feeling at the time. If he feels like partying, then he will make a song dedicated to people that like to party. If he feels like showing off his new cars, then he makes a track that discusses the types of vehicles that he likes to ride around in. People know that Gucci has come a long way and is going to continue to improve the strength of his creativity as he builds inner strength as a human being.

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