Guide for Teachers on Using Safco Printer Stands

If you are a teacher then it is important for you to be organized. It is important that you arrange your educational materials efficiently. If you don’t have any storage compartment that can help you in organizing your things, then you might need a printer stand. You might be wondering why you need a printer stand if you need to be organized. There are printer stands in the market that offer more than just holding up your printers. Depending on your organizational needs, you may need a Safco printer stand. A Safco printer stand offers durability, stability and organization. This article focuses on ways a teacher can make use of one at the office or at home.

Printer Stand
Let us start with the most basic. Teachers can use them as printer stands, although not all Safco stands are built to be solely printer stands. Teachers are most of the time standing when they are providing lectures. This means that maintaining their posture is very important because it gives them more credibility when they’re talking and, more importantly, it is good for their health. Printer stands elevate the printer to a level that makes them comfortable to work with. Without a proper printer stand, teachers bend or slouch most of the time just to get their printouts.

Aside from using the printer stands for holding printers, there are models of Safco stands that feature multiple compartments or sorters. Most stands with sorters come in a wooden design. One Safco printer stand, which has these sorters, is the Mobile Machine Stand with Sorter. It is equipped with 6 shelves giving you 8 letter size compartments that will help you in your sorting. Aside from these sorters, it is equipped with double doors that conceal additional space to hold more stuff such as office supplies.

Push Cart
Although not entirely built for this purpose, printer stands from Safco are equipped with 4 swivel casters that allow you to move them anywhere on a flat surface. This makes it convenient for teachers to move equipment anywhere inside the school even if they don’t have any proper carrying equipment. They may need this kind of use when they are transporting machines for their lecture such as projectors and computers. If done with the moving, they can make it as stable as a standard printer stand by locking the casters. Two out of four casters have a locking mechanism that prevents the whole structure from moving.

Multipurpose Racks
Most Safco stands are multipurpose in a way that they do not only cater to printers. In fact, if you go to their website, most stands are labeled machine stands. This shows that these stands are built to hold other equipments as well such as fax machines, computers, projectors etc. They even have stands that allow multiple machines to stack up.

Printer stands from Safco are very useful because they are very versatile. Not only do they hold printers up, but they can also accommodate simple tasks that other furniture cannot do. It may be for additional storage or simply moving heavy objects around.

PeteGuide for Teachers on Using Safco Printer Stands