Hair Implants – How Do They Restore Hair?

If you have had the unfortunate luck of suffering from hair loss recently, then I’m sure you must feel angry and probably powerless as well. I was in this position myself a few years ago when I was much younger. The younger you are when you lose your hair, the more it will hurt. I’ve had a hair transplant myself. It was a big decision. Before I took the plunge, I made sure to have a look at Donald Trump’s hair transplant to see what kind of results I might expect. But one example isn’t enough, so I also had a look at Barry Williams’ hair transplant and many, many others. If you are thinking of having a transplant done, then I highly suggest you do the same. Not everybody will get the same great results and you have to learn what to expect, realistically.

Before you make the decision to go ahead with a surgery such as this one, is that you understand the way that it is performed. You can’t afford not to, because you have to prevent being unpleasantly surprised afterwards. This surgery involves making an incision in the back of your head. This is where the strip of donor hair is going to come from. The hairs in the back of the head have the advantage of being resistant to the influence of the dihydrotestosterone hormone, which has the ability to destroy hair follicles that are not immune to it. The follicles in the back of your head fortunately do not have this problem.

The donor hair has to be cut up into small enough pieces that the clinic staff can transplant them individually to the thinning spots on top of your head. In order to get a large number of small bits of tissue that contain the donor hairs, a strip of donor hair from the back of your head is dissected. The resulting grafts, as they are called, are going to be placed into so called recipient sites in the transplant zone. These recipient sites are small wounds, that are going to hold the grafts. Through the natural healing process, these wounds are going to heal up and firmly take hold of the grafts and the hairs therein. After this, the hairs in the grafts will continue to grow normally!

PeteHair Implants – How Do They Restore Hair?