Havaianas Flip Flops: Beauty, Comfort, Quality

Definitely a more comfortable alternative to shoes, flip flop sandals offer both appeal and ease of wear women are forever seeking for in a footwear. Though sandals are known easy to carry around, not every sandal is comfy as people think. If you look around, there are practically dozens of types of sandals women can choose from. Take your pick from the strapped, laced, buckled designs you see around racks of shoe stores made of different brands and materials. From Roman sandals, walking sandals to the wooden Japanese-type things, probably the ‘gods’ among all sandals as far as comfort goes are the flip flop sandals.

And truly, women around the world have recognized that. Both the appeal and ease of wear flip flop sandals offer have been greatly appreciated from the very time this footwear existed. And through centuries and decades, along with the changing times and changing trends, flip flops have taken on newer looks that gives women more reason to glorify the trend. Thanks to big names in the footwear industry who took special notice in reinventing the footwear and infusing creative fashion into it. Now presenting flip flop sandals into many different looks women of varying fashion opinions could choose from, probably every popular brand are outdoing the other in coming up with the trendiest flip flops.

A big hand that changed the course of this footwear’s destiny, Havaianas transformed the then ordinary and plain household flip flop to what’s now a popular women’s craze. And surely, the rest followed, until almost every brand holds their own selection as well.  However, what newer brands are introduced to the market, women’s love for the Havaianas name itself would always stay. Sure because no matter how designs and prints are imitated, quality is sure one thing that’s hard to copy.

Manufacturers have experimented in many materials to craft the trend as well. Indeed, they are cute, they are attractive and as they are flip flops – – – they sure are comfy. And now, flip flops comes in many looks. From the regular flip flops in the most basic and neutral shades, now comes wedge flip flops in floral patterns, bejewelled and bedazzled flip flops, platform flip flops in red, pastels and in cuter, funkier straps. But whatever the pattern, color and design, Havaianas flip flops sandals remain an unmistakable choice for women who not only value comfort and beauty – – – but to those who pays attention to quality.

PeteHavaianas Flip Flops: Beauty, Comfort, Quality