HCG Diet and Weight Loss Success

HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a naturally produced female hormone produced during pregnancy that reduces your appetite and promotes fast weight loss. It is void of the health risks associated with other weight loss systems and the dangerous side effects experienced by users of crash and fad diets. It resets the body’s metabolic rate so that even after you’re done, you don’t gain the weight back and you continue to make healthier choices when selecting your meals.

HCG weight loss is proven. If you’re interested in losing weight, improving your health, and working toward a better looking body overall dropping excess weight fast is important to you. The HCG diet enables you to successfully accomplish these goals. The results are long-term, effective, and easy to achieve. HCG is currently one of the most popular systems on the market. The simple formula comes in a convenient drops formula that is applied under the tongue three times throughout the day. A 500-calorie diet per day consisting of lean meats, fruits and vegetables goes hand in hand with the drops. The drops simply prevent hunger and cravings, while encouraging the loss of 1-2 pounds per day. Even the lightest exercise is unnecessary while using HCG.

Some Tips for the HCG Diet

*Get all 500 calories from foods rich in proteins, fruits, and vegetables.
*Cook meals on a George Foreman or similar grill. They will be done in less than five minutes and won’t come into contact with fatty oils.
*Use a small kitchen scale to accurately weigh and control your portions
*When cravings are unbearable, substitute a zero-calorie popsicle or cup of yogurt for one of your fruits. Stevia’s natural sugar substitute will offer a sweet treat without the dangers of aspartame or saccharin.
*Drink a lot of water. Increasing your water intake will help keep you feeling full and clean your body of toxins.

PeteHCG Diet and Weight Loss Success