Healthrider Treadmill Review

Anyone who has owned a HealthRider Treadmill will tell you that it is probably the best exercise machine they have ever used. All of the various models have numerous features, great warranties and never seem to become outdated by new technologies. The company spends a great deal of effort keeping their machines state of the art. All of their units have advanced entertainment features for those exercisers who spend sometimes hours on the treadmill and numerous workout programs to allow you to tailor your program to suit your specific needs.

The HealthRider Treadmill comes with a very large 3.5 HP pro spin balanced motor and both the motor comes with a lifetime warranty that is one of the best in the business. This powerful motor is also well built, being sleek and small framed allowing you to move the unit or store it easily. The entertainment system, for those long sessions is a 7” flat screen television with a digital tuner and clear picture. There is also an included iPod music system that is 3.0 and equalized.

The HealthRider Treadmill is not only an extremely high-tech device, but it is very comfortable to run or walk on because of its 20” running belt that supports their own SoftStrider cushioning system giving you a much smoother workout with less damaging impact on joints and bones. If you live in a hot area or go for long workouts this model also has a duel fan system to keep you cool while you work.
All in all the HealthRider Treadmill has all of the features of many of the more expensive treadmills at a much more economical cost. The lifetime warranty on both frame and motor makes a really big difference and when you add the convenience and comfort of these models this is an epic treadmill for both beginners and veteran runners.

PeteHealthrider Treadmill Review