Helpful Tips on Shopping for an Electric Shower

If you are in the market for a new shower, you probably have heard of an electric shower. They are becoming popular and more and more choices are becoming available to customers. If are still not yet decided on whether to get an electric shower or not, here are some things to consider.

1. Even if you already have a boiler for a water heater, an electric shower can serve as a backup in case something happens to your boiler. Buying an electric shower is a cheap investment for your peace of mind.

2. Having a large household usually means that the bathroom is constantly being used by one of the household member. This leads to the boiler being left on in order to provide hot water and you might end up burning up your boiler if you leave it on for most of the day.

3. It cost less to have an electric shower heat your water for you, than to have a centralized water heater do it.

And here are some things that you should consider when choosing which electric shower to buy.

1. There are some models that have “low, medium, high” as indication of the water’s temperature. This doesn’t give you a lot of control during your shower. Look for a model that has a temperature control feature.

2. How cold is your cold water? If you have really cold water, I suggest getting a model with a high power rating (also known as Kilowatt rating). The higher the power rating, the faster the electric shower can heat the water.

3. Most shops have technicians that can install them for you for free, or sometimes for an added fee. Even if you have to pay for it, I would suggest that you get that option. Their technicians are familiar with the models their shop sells and knows exactly what needs to be done to install them and make them work safely.

And there you have it. Most electric showers are easily installed in walk in shower enclosures or in your wet room. Hopefully that helps you in your search for a good electric shower.

PeteHelpful Tips on Shopping for an Electric Shower