Holding a Karaoke Family Reunion

Family reunions can be a great opportunity to get together and see relatives who you might not have heard from for a while. It’s always good to see family and learn about what they’re doing and how they’ve grown. Most people set up a big BBQ in the backyard, or maybe they hold a dinner party at grandma’s house. The conversation alone can be enough to keep the event going without ever wanting it to end. But if you’re looking for something a little bit different to share with you loved ones, there is one activity that the entire family can enjoy – karaoke. While it might not be a tradition in your house, it can certainly bring people together with the power of music and song.

Karaoke can be enjoyed by everyone, even by the people who choose not to sing. So all you really need is one or two family members who are willing to use the karaoke machine for the first time. And as time goes on, you may find more people wanting to join in and give it a shot. Before you know it, maybe the entire family will want in on the action and you’ll have to make a list of who gets to go up next. That’s the great thing about karaoke, it seems scary at first but after one song most people are hooked.

The two things you’ll need are a karaoke machine and a big enough room to fit everyone inside. Usually a living room or den will do nicely as people can gather on the couch or stand beside the TV. You’ll probably also want an extra microphone in case two people want to sing at the same time. And go ahead and get the kids involved by putting them in charge of arranging snacks, or even operating the karaoke machine. Every member of the family can play a part in this great activity, and who knows, you might just be starting the next popular family tradition. More information on the great activity of singing can be found at karaokemachineguide.com.

PeteHolding a Karaoke Family Reunion