Home & Office Wall Painting Techniques

When you decorate your home, walls are always the backdrop for your entire room’s décor. So it is natural that you would want that backdrop to be attractive and complimentary to you home decorations. The following wall painting techniques can enhance a room’s overall decoration concept and bring new life to stale old rooms.. Most techniques are very easy to do, yet the result is just so impressive that others might think that it is done by a professional painter or artisan. Below you’ll find some of the most popular new techniques for beautifying the walls of your home:

Color Washing

Color washing yields a soft combination of colors on the wall that are faint yet warming. It’s a combination of colors where one may be darker shade than the other. You can paint the lighter color first on the surface using standard rollers and brushes and let it dry. And then immerse a wet piece of cloth into the darker color and pat it on the wall in a twirling motion. The twirls can overlap each other contrasting the color to make different strength, letting some areas of the color of the surface to show through.


Sponging is just like color washing but does not have the twirling patterns that is the trademark of color washing. How do you do it? Select two colors similar in shade. Use rollers or brushes to paint the base coat on the surface and let it dry. Wet a sea sponge and immerse into top coat paint and then pat lightly on a piece of cloth to remove excess paint. Apply it on the wall by dabbing it on with a sponge working on one section to the other. You can make it look lighter or heavy depending on the look that you want to achieve.

There are more painting techniques to learn and this two is just one of them. If you want to learn more then you can refer to the internet’s online art schools for information about painting and other do-it-yourself art topics.

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