Home security essentials

Hopefully you’ve never been a victim of crime. I know from first-hand experience how distressing it can be. When I was broken into I was lucky not much was taken and no real damage was done but it did make me realise how complacent I was about protecting my home. It doesn’t have to cost the earth to get some electronic deterrents. Although these are no substitute for getting the basics right of locking up and making it appear as if someone is in the house they can provide extra security above and beyond what most people have.

Cost is always a consideration with these types of purchasing decisions. A very effective and cheap deterrent is having lights or radios come on automatically because they are connected to an electric timer. This is especially important if you are going away overnight or for a number of days. Next, motion sensor alarms can warn you of someone approaching. The alarm it triggers can be loud enough to deter the burglar. However unfortunately these days many people just ignore house or car alarm is thinking they are malfunctioning in some way. This limitation also applies to alarms hooked up to doors and windows. Unless you have a subscription to a company that monitors the alarm and will call the house or the police in the event of trouble.

Probably the most expensive deterrent is the outdoor security camera. They do make a great deterrent but need a lot of support equipment inside the house to be effective. On the plus side it is relatively simple to create a DIY surveillance system using web cams and free software available on the Internet.¬†¬† ¬†Technology isn’t always the answer to security problems but it can help give you extra peace of mind if you are particularly anxious about your security. The most important thing to remember is never get complacent and issue that it won’t happen to you.

PeteHome security essentials