Home Storage Options for Bikes are Very Diverse

Many different types of home storage options for bikes are available. The type that you select will likely depend on the type of space available and your particular situation. For an apartment with a walk out patio or a personal storage area, a means for locking up the item may be all that is necessary. If your area is prone to inclement weather, a storage shed that is long enough and wide enough to accommodate the item might also be suitable.

For those who need to keep the bike indoors or off the floor of a shed or garage, there are brackets or devices for wall mount solutions. Some racks mount to the wall with a two screws and can fold up when not in use. This frees up space for other activities and makes a room look tidier. For use in a garage or shed, it allows you to move about more freely for other activities, when needed. Some models can hold two bikes. Another device is constructed with a plastic base and a steel bar with hooks that swivels from the base. This also involves installing screws into studs of a garage or shed, fore safety in putting away the bikes.

Ceiling mount hangers come with pulleys that work as a simplified version of garage door opening systems. A bracket mounts to the ceiling with hooks to hand the device. A pulley system with a couple cables is used to raise or lower the item when needed. Benefits of such a device are the ability to use space that would normally be open and the added security from theft. Most burglars do not want to take the time to figure out how the system works and move on to easier targets. This device can be a multipurpose item, to use for outdoor sporting gear or other items, when the bicycles are no longer used.

The Bicycle Storage Guide has lots more information about home bicycle storage and is worth looking at before commiting your cash.

PeteHome Storage Options for Bikes are Very Diverse