Honda TRX450R – Racing Machine Extreme

The Honda TRX 450R is one of the most popular high performance all terrain vehicles for doing mod work. Out of the box however it is still one of the more fun and exciting ATVs to ride. This model is definitely a true racing ATV and is not for those that are not experienced with ATV riding. Sadly though the initial reception for this ATV was not very good. If the Honda TRX 450R had been branded differently and marketed differently it probably would have had much more success than it did. The reason for this was because the CRF450R was a much more powerful ride than its little brother. Perhaps if Honda had positioned the model differently they would have had greater success.

Partially in response to this Honda increased the power output on the Honda TRX 450R by 21 percent horsepower when they released the second generation model. This upgrade made many riders take notice. The system now stands as one of the most popular and top selling true racing ATVs on the market. This bike stands on top as an excellent trail quad capable of handling everything from Sunday fun to race day triumph.

What the Honda brings that other models simply cannot match is the Honda name. Riding on a Honda shows that the rider knows how to choose a quality product. Reliability, comfort, and performance are the hallmarks of the Honda brand and this model is no exception. Top speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour coupled with the ability to handle high temperatures and desert sand mean that this Honda is in a league of its own.

Take all that into account and then factor in how receptive this model is to modifications and you have a real winner. You can literally change out just about anything you want on this machine to improve performance or simply roll it right out of the dealership and onto the course, either way you will be competitive.

PeteHonda TRX450R – Racing Machine Extreme