Hooded Sweatshirts – The Wave Of The Future!

If I would have to point out the one fashion hype that has made the biggest impact on the fashion industry in the past few years, I’d have to say that this was definitely the sweatshirt. Some hypes are just fads. Fads come and go. But not the sweatshirt. It’s here to stay with us for a long, long time. And I think I know why! The reason why people have turned to sweatshirts in the last decade, is because of the economy. Spending power has decreased severey due to the downturn and people need ways to get more value for money when it comes to clothing. Since sweatshirts are both cheap and durable, people want more of those. It just makes economic sense.

But not only is the sweatshirt a warm, comfortable, cheap and durable piece of clothing, it is also very trendy. Oh, sure… it used to be a purely functional piece of clothing, but this is no longer the case. Over the past decade, the sweatshirt has turned into a real designer piece of clothing. Especially the sweatshirts with hoods. These have been made popular by well known people from the world of skateboarding, hip hop, rap, etc. When celebrities started wearing hoodies, impressionable teenagers quickly followed. And soon after, it became acceptable for adults to wear them as well. It is now no longer considered weird for adults to be wearing hooded sweatshirts as well.

What exactly is it about the hoodie that makes people love it so much? For teens, it is mostly the mysterious charisma they radiate once they are wearing the hood. They aren’t allowed to do this in school, or they would probably be wearing their hoods the whole time. The hood goes on as soon as they get out of school to hang with friends, listen to music and engage in activities such as skateboarding. For adults, it’s mostly the warmth and comfort they get from the hoodie. Hoodies almost always have a cord attached to them so you can make them fit tighter. This is especially handy for people who work outdoors in the cold and actually need the hood to provide them with warmth. So you see, everybody has at least one or two uses for a hoodie!

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PeteHooded Sweatshirts – The Wave Of The Future!