Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga Clothing

Doing yoga has many different benefits such as improving your ability to relax, increasing your flexibility through doing various stretches, as well as providing a good workout that will help to burn some calories.  Yoga is the base of a lot of different types of yoga that are practiced.  One of the various types is antenatal yoga, also known as pregnancy yoga, that uses modified stretches in order to help a pregnant lady relax more, and get some good low-impact exercising in.  Hot yoga is another way to do yoga.  Hot yoga is different in two major ways, one being the intensity and the other being the environment.

The room that you do hot yoga in is much hotter and more humid than the traditional yoga studio.  Working out in 40% humidity and 105 degrees makes it obvious why it is called hot yoga.  Toxins can be released from the body because you are more likely to be sweating in this type of atmosphere due to the heat and the humidity.  Just like any workout should be, hot yoga is a combination of warming up, doing the workout, and then cooling down, through a series of 26 poses.

The heat and the humidity are important factors, and the types of clothes that you are wearing will make the difference between being really uncomfortable, and being able to focus on the exercises.  If you are distracted by discomfort while working out, then you’ll want to get special clothes for hot yoga, otherwise known as Bikram yoga clothing.  Pants are going to be way too hot, so typical hot yoga bottoms are usually shorts.  Most people who are doing hot yoga will wear sleeveless shirts, or at least shirts with short sleeves because of the heat.  Most people prefer 100% cotton because that fabric will be able to breath better than other types of fabric.

Hot yoga is a great way to get some good exercise in, but if you wear the wrong clothes, you will definitely regret it.

PeteHot Yoga and Bikram Yoga Clothing