How A 2 Post Lift Can Help With Car Maintainence

Most people have probably seen a 2 post lift. Any visitor to a car repair shop notes the lifts that vertically raised their vehicle. The mechanic could then comfortably get a good view of the undercarriage and spot problems that might not be visible otherwise. Two pillars have arms attached that slide up or down when the mechanic pushes the button on a control panel. The car rolls onto the arms when they are ground level and then are safely raised up and the mechanic can work without fear of being injured.
Contents of the Kit for a 2 Post Lift

Any kit will normally contain the lift apparatus, the control panel for activating it, the fluid line and a hydraulic pump. Operation is simple. The devices are built tough to handle the enormous weight and keep the workers safe from harm. Most lift a vehicle to the maximum height within one minute. A hydraulic pump works to deliver pressure to pistons which then move out or sink back in according to the amount of pressure they are under. Most 2 post lifts use hydraulic pumps that run on electricity. The pistons contain a liquid, and when the equipment is activated the pump increases the pressure on the liquid (usually oil) causing the pistons to move and lift the arms up or down.

A mechanic is very vulnerable while standing under a raised vehicle, so hydraulic technology is employed owing to its excellent reputation for providing power safely and consistently. 2 post lifts can be purchased for as little as $1,000 dollars but different makes and models rated to lift heavier loads can sport price tags up to $3,000 dollars. The usual lift can handle 7,000 pounds, quite adequate to handle the average car. The costlier, higher rated lifts can handle bigger vehicles such as trucks and SUV’s.

Many do-it-yourself- mechanics are installing these 2 post lifts in their own garage and discovering they can do many more of their own repairs. If you have the automotive know-how to take advantage of your lift, it could pay for itself

PeteHow A 2 Post Lift Can Help With Car Maintainence