How a mesothelioma forum can help newly diagnosed patients

A cancer diagnosis is always devastating. My wife was diagnosed with Stage I Breast Cancer, Grade III, PR-/ER-, and my world fell completely apart. Seven months later, I got diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma; also know as Cancer of the Kidney.
Both my wife and I decided to learn as much as possible about our diseases, and a great source of information was the Internet. We signed up with many different discussion groups and forums. And we met some incredible people who helped us with tips, our questions and concerns and they were simply there for us when we needed somebody to talk to. I would therefore highly encourage any newly diagnosed mesothelioma patient to find a mesothelioma forum where he can openly share his thoughts with others who can relate to his situation. Conducting research on the Internet has downside to it, though, and I’m not necessarily talking about forums here. But if you, for instance, use Google to search for a specific term, you will get bombarded with an overload of unfiltered information. That can be very confusing, or even worse, might lead you to make false conclusions. I will give you an example.

I was in North Carolina attending a conference when my wife called me and broke me the news that her gynecologist just called her to tell her that she had cancer. I flew home that same night and couple of days later we got the pathology report. ‘Poorly differentiated ductal carcinoma’, that’s what is said on there, plus that is was ER-/PR-. And just googling those two terms scared the hell out of us. There were mentions of “poor outlook”. Then we started looking at mortality rates, which was not a good idea. First of all, there all different kinds of statistics and not all of them are consistent. Secondly, you need to get all the facts together before you start looking into things like that. Therefore, find a mesothelioma forum and ask your questions there. The members can help you to get through the first few days and weeks, which to us were the toughest ones. On purpose, I will not recommend any particular mesothelioma forum here, because I am not a member of any. Just do some Internet research and I am confident you will a right one for you.

PeteHow a mesothelioma forum can help newly diagnosed patients