How Does Google Work?

Google seems to be a very difficult and mysterious search engine to those who don’t understand the way it works. Some mistake it for a directory, thinking that presenting their site to the Google submit tool will automatically get their site listed on the search engine. Others use it strictly for a cash cow, and spend their days on learning various ways to make money on Google. But no one has explained how Google works.

The websites you see listed that aren’t sponsored links are listed for a reason. It’s safe to say that Google gets countless submissions to their search engine a day. However just because you submit your site doesn’t mean that it’s going to get listed. Google only lists sites that are linked to from other sites. If your site doesn’t have any inbound links to it anywhere on the Internet, it’s not going to be listed on Google’s search engine results.

This may not sound fair, but from Google’s point of view, it is. They’re judging the value of your site on how many other sites link to it. This is why some sites go through something called a link exchange, where they merely trade links with a website of similar interests. They also list their site at directories, so that there will be a better chance of their site getting listed on Google. While these methods certainly work, take into consideration the fact that you still might be listed very low in Google’s search engine results. It depends on how many inbound links you have to your site.

Is traffic important as well? Yes and no. Google doesn’t rank your traffic listing; it ranks you by inbound links. Theoretically you’ll get ample traffic depending on your amount of inbound links, but that will likely come at a later point in time. Remember, success doesn’t happen overnight.

PeteHow Does Google Work?