How The Breville K CUP Coffee Machine Works

By stumbling upon this website, you must be somewhat or maybe even seriously interested in a Breville K Cup Coffee Machine. You may have many questions about why this coffee brewing method is any different from all the other brewing methods. If you are tired of the mess created while preparing drinks with your current coffee maker, you will be please with this new system and the fact that there is absolutely no mess at all during the drink preparation process. The advanced technology integrated into this brewer is simply amazing.

K-Cup Coffee Technology

Beginning with the make up of the K cup and what makes it unique is the best place to start. The K cup is made up of a small plastic container being more complex than it appears at the first glance. The internal make up consists of oxygen, light and a humidity barrier that completely wraps the inner side wall of the cup. This intention of the barrier is to maintain freshness of the coffee once it has been ground and placed within the cup. The next layer is a sophisticated coffee filter that is placed inside of this special barrier. The filter plays a significant part in helping to control the water pressure and ensures ideal extraction time during the brewing process. After the filter has been placed, the fresh premeasured ingredients are placed and packed tightly into the filter. Placed on top is an airtight foil lid that locks in the freshness and taste of the ingredients. This patented technology has the ability to maintain freshness and ensure a quality cup for more than six months.

How it Works

This brewer is specially designed with a water reservoir that is to be filled with fresh water after so many cups. When you have filled the reservoir and it is back in place, choose a K-Cup coffee of your choice and place it into the machine. Next, be sure to press the handle completely down and the two needles will puncture the plastic container. One puncture will be at the top of the cup and one at the bottom.  Now you are able to place your own cup beneath the brew spout and press the brew button. The brewer will deliver the exact amount of pressurized water at the perfect temperature as your drink begins to brew. Within just moments your gourmet drink is ready to be enjoyed. Some brewers feature an adjustable temperature control including different brew strength options. No matter what model you choose, you will defiantly experience an aroma filled, perfect blend of coffee, tea or hot chocolate that will be ready to enjoy in just under a minute.

Be sure to purchase a variety of regular coffee, decaf K Cups, tea or hot cocoa so that you will be able to enjoy all the products this single cup brewing system has to offer. Do not hesitate too long in making the decision to purchase this advanced technology coffee brewing machine.  Brewing coffee with the Breville K Cup Coffee Machine will change the way you brew coffee forever!

PeteHow The Breville K CUP Coffee Machine Works