How to Attach New Infant Car Seat Covers

Infant car seat covers are must-haves, especially if you often need to bring your baby with you when you go out. They will not only offer your baby with comfort but protection as well. With constant use, it is inevitable that the cover will accumulate dust and dirt. When this happens, you really have to remove them in order to wash away the dirt. In some instances, you might realize that replacing it with a new one would be a more practical option, especially if the cover is already damaged. However, there are certain baby car seat covers that are quite hard to remove and install. Also, the installation setup of varying models of baby seat covers differs greatly. Hence, it is really important that you carefully read its instruction manual.

To help you properly replace old and worn out infant auto seat covers, make sure to read through this article.

First and foremost, be sure to detach the restraining straps of the seat. To do this, you have to turn over your car seat so you can find the attachment of the shoulder and bottom straps. Majority of shoulder traps are connected unto a T-bar, which can be found at the back of the seat. Be sure to detach it from the T-bar and unhook the seat’s bottom straps as well.

Once done, you can now pull free the loosened shoulder and bottom straps. Place them in a box or a safe area since you will have to install them back later. After removing the straps, it will now be easier for you to remove the old seat cover. Check the attachment of the seat cover so you’d know how to efficiently detach it. Carefully release the attachments and then lift the old cover off the baby car seat. If the foam base of the seat is full of dirt, vacuum it first before you install the new baby seat cover.

Be sure to take note of the size of your baby’s car seat to ensure that the new seat cover will be a perfect fit.  Bear in mind that auto seat covers for infants are sold in varying sizes, hence, you have to get the actual dimension of the seat where you intend to install it.

After cleaning the seat’s foam base, you may now place the new infant auto seat cover. Connect the attachments as stated in the manufacturer’s manual and then put back the shoulder and bottom straps. Finally, make sure that the new infant car seat covers are perfectly secured in place and all the attachments are firmly attached to the infant car seat.

PeteHow to Attach New Infant Car Seat Covers