How to Avoid Drinking Alcohol

It is not easy by any means to change your entire life and stop drinking booze, especially if you are seriously addicted to alcohol.  Anyone who is a true alcoholic will likely struggle for years and years before they finally figure out how to really surrender to their addiction and get started on a new life.

If you really want to know how to not drink alcohol, then you should start by asking for help.  This is hard for most alcoholics to do because it takes a ton of guts and courage to do so.  No one likes to admit that they have a problem of this nature or that they cannot control themselves.  The real facts about alcoholism are that any person who is still fighting for control in their life will not be able to get started on a real recovery.  In fact, they will not be able to change until they let go of everything and become willing to follow a new direction from someone else.  Their own ideas and suggestions will not be sufficient to create real change in their life.  In order to get better, they will have to abandon their own ideas and give something else a try.  This should be obvious to anyone who has watched another alcoholic bang their head into a wall for several years in a row, but of course it remains a mystery to the alcoholic himself.  Thus is the nature of denial: we cannot see the solution when it is right in front of our own face.

So the real solution is to break through denial by taking action and suggestions from others.  This is the fastest path to recovery.  Stop taking your own advice and instead, do what others suggest for you to do.  It takes courage to take direction from others.  The rewards are well worth it though.

PeteHow to Avoid Drinking Alcohol