How to Buy Shoes for Small Newborn Feet

If you think newborn babies do not need shoes because they do not have the ability to walk yet, you are wrong because even babies need protection for little feet.  When you are shopping for babies, you should carefully buy infant shoes.

You probably notice that sometimes babies’ feet are almost square in shape and are very small. You have to keep this in mind when buying infant shoes. You should also keep in mind the purpose why you are buying the shoes. Since it is not for walking, you do not need to buy a pair of shoes with heavy duty soles. Infant shoes protect your baby’s sensitive feet from dirt and other foreign objects and they also to keep them warm. Aside from these things, you should also consider the tips below.

•    Choose the right size for your newborn’s shoes. Make sure that there is enough space that allows your baby to wiggle his toes. Do not buy something too expensive like designer baby shoes because babies’ feet grow fast. They will outgrow their shoes after a few weeks or months, anyway, so do not spend too much money on shoes.
•    Aside from the size, you can also choose the style. There are newborn shoes that are like very thick socks or shoes that are like adult shoes but are very soft and comfortable. The soles are also very soft because they do not need the shoes for walking. You can buy pink sneakers, black leather shoes, or other cute adult-like shoes that are specially made for babies.
•    It is also important to choose the right closure. Baby shoes with lace are too much hassle for moms. You can buy slip-on shoes or shoes that are closed using Velcro. Zipper might not be a good idea because your baby’s skin might get stuck while you are opening or closing the zipper. They just need to be secure enough that they do not get kicked off underneath baby blankets.  If that happened, the footwear could get lost.

PeteHow to Buy Shoes for Small Newborn Feet