How To Choose An Outdoor Patio Cover

Choosing an outdoor patio cover is an importation decision if you are interested in making the most of your home. This article details several types of patio covers and lists some of the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

If you first determine the main purpose for adding a patio cover it will make it much easier to decide on the perfect one for you. There are many types of patio covers available. Most popular is the aluminum cover followed by lattice, glass, solid and fiberglass types. A wood cover is another choice if you want to achieve a more traditional look.

Aluminum patio covers are virtually maintenance free. They are ideal because they can be easily enclosed with screens thus eliminating insects access to your patio. If you purchase on an aluminum patio kit many companies will ship them for free, saving you money in shipping costs. Also, all that is required for installation is usually a wrench and screwdriver. Another point to consider when choosing an aluminum cover is on a rainy day, just sitting under the aluminum cover, will provide instant relaxation from the sound of raindrops.

The lattice covering adds a nice architectural element to your outdoor area. Glass coverings let the sunshine in so you can conveniently display your flowers and plants. Solid covers offer the most protection from the weather for you and your family. The fiberglass type is stronger than steel, pound per pound, you will find all of the parts are light and easy to handle. Fiberglass is low maintenance and offers a wide variety of colors from which to choose. If you decide on a wood patio cover keep in mind the main drawback is they require regular maintenance. Since they are more prone to damage from wind, rain and snow they will need periodic repainting and weather sealing.

A patio cover is an easy way to add beauty, value and extra living space to your home without spending a fortune.

PeteHow To Choose An Outdoor Patio Cover